4'' New Zealand Pine Wood Yoga Block - Buy One Get One Free

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4'' Wood Yoga Block - Buy One Get One Free
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Made from 100% natural, renewable New Zealand Pine
Beveled edges for added comfort
Hollow core that keeps the blocks lightweight
Smooth, well-sanded surface
4'' x 6'' x 9''

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Our solid wood yoga blocks are made from 100% New Zealand Pine. The availability of New Zealand Pine as a sustainable and renewable resource makes it an attractive and acceptable alternative to timber species from the world's dwindling natural forests. The blocks are a light timber brown with the grain clearly visible in each block. The edges on all blocks are beveled for added comfort. These wood yoga blocks are extremely sturdy and durable, providing excellent support and stability for proper alignment, making them ideal for any yoga practice. Each New Zealand Pine Yoga Block is 6'' by 9'' and is available in either 3'' or 4'' heights.

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