Classical Reiki

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Classical Reiki
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Author: The Reiki Orchestra

This groundbreaking album features 12 specially composed and orchestrated 5 minute pieces ideally timed for Reiki treatments. Vaughan Jones and his Reiki Orchestra performgentle and healing compositions that are also perfect formassage yoga meditation and aromatherapy.The Reiki Orchestra are a group of English classical musicians who have come together to perform uplifting and inspirational music suitable for treatments relaxation or meditation. By playing on real instruments they capture an orchestral sound with the natural vibrations and energy of a live performance. The group consists of a full string section complimented by flutes oboes and a cor anglais with the complimentary sounds of vibraphone glockenspiel and harp. Produced by Llewellyn12 TRACKSShimmeringThe Eternal TideParadise GardenThe Space BetweenReflectionsInner LightHealing BreathTowards the DawnCelestial ChimesAs If One PersonAwakeningShimmering (Reprise)60 minutes

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