Dragonfly Women's Yoga Pants

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Dragonfly Women's Yoga Pants
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Breathable fabric: 87% nylon / 13% spandex
Black pants with brick red detail
Secret inside pocket at waist
Machine Washable

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‘Skinny’ pants look excellent on any body shape. Yoga leggings are the new ‘It’ yoga pants which is why we love these pants from Dragonfly Yoga. The tapered leggings hug the leg from the ankle up through the thigh. Unlike other skinny pants, these do not restrict range of motion whatsoever. The thick, high quality fabric is guaranteed to keep you warm and is totally opaque, even in your bendiest downward dog. The wide, layered waistband is unique, and adds a splash of color to any yoga class. These pants are so flattering and comfortable that you won’t want to take them off, even after class lets out!

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