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Exclusive Vegan Leather Yoga Mat Bag

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Exclusive Vegan Leather Yoga Mat Bag
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Stylish, vegan leather bags
Handmade in Canada
Easy to clean and durable
Fits most standard yoga mats
27'' long by 6'' in diameter

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These very trendy and attractive, hand-crafted yoga mat bags have a one piece sling strap with a double slider zipper allowing for easy access from either end of the mat bag. The bags are unlined and the material can be easily hand washed with mild soap and water and hung to dry. All stylish and practical for both hot and cold yoga. Dimensions are 27 inches long by 6 inches in diameter and can fit most yoga mats.

These bags are handmade in Canada and not in a factory or on an assembly line. Workers are all paid a fair wage.

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