Hamsa Hand of Fatima Bangles Bracelet Recycled Brass

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Hamsa Hand of Fatima Bangles Bracelet Recycled Brass
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3 cm hand pendant, 1.5 cm pendant, outside diameter bangles 7 cm, inside diameter bangles 6.5 cm

Hamsa, or hand of fatima, jingle bracelets is a set of 5 bangles hooked together with a circle, a hand of fatima and a shanti tag. The Hand of Fatima or Hamsa represents the protecting hand of God and shanti means peace. You can also use this bracelet as a necklace by combining it with one of our recycled brass chains. They are made of recycled brass. Sturdy, beautiful, eco and fair trade!

Created for YOGAaccessories.com by Shanti Boutique, a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation.

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