Plexus Standard Wheel

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Plexus Standard Wheel
Part Number: YPJ2WHLXXX01
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Effortlessly improves posture and relieves muscle tension
Back Pain Relief Product - Tractions the spine and takes pressure off the discs
Recommended use: 5-10 minutes a day
Made in the USA
6 mm Compression-Sensitive Mat ™ and Rigid Core holds up to 500 lbs

Enhance your balance and relieve back pain using the Plexus 12" Standard Yoga Wheel. Wrapped by hand with a 6mm Compression Sensitive Mat, this prop will be easy on your more sensitive areas. Its 5" width fits perfectly in between your should blades, aiding in improved spinal alignment while also targeting the lateral muscles. Originally designed for back pain, this yoga wheel can hold up to 500 pounds, and is also great for increased flexibility, widening your range of motion, improving your posture, and helping you to master those difficult yoga poses.

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