The Little Spirit Guide Meditation Album

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The Little Spirit Guide Meditation Album
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Author: Philip Permutt

The Little Spirit Guide Meditation Album by Philip Permutt is to help you meet and work with your spirit guides. Find a new depth of meditation and spiritual understanding. Experienced meditation teacher Philip Permutt takes you on six individual meditation journeys designed to meet your spirit guides and find direction and the answers you seek.Regular meditation has many proven beneficial affects on health and wellbeing. 10 minutes of meditation everyday can change your life.Over one hour running time."With Llewellyn’s music and Philip’s calm voice to guide you into a new world of relaxation you have a perfect combination." MY SPIRIT RADIOTrack 1 IntroductionTrack 2 The MountainTrack 3 The Forest (animal guides)Track 4 The CaveTrack 5 The CrystalTrack 6 The PyramidTrack 7 The Temple in the Clouds

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