YOGA Accessories Premium Weight Yoga Mat - Limited Time Offer

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YOGA Accessories Premium Weight Yoga Mat - Limited Time Offer
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Extra thick 1/4" (6.2mm) and extra long
Extremely durable, high performance
Non-slip, latex-free
Weighs more than 5 pounds!
72” x 24” x ¼”

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Performance yoga mats are heavy weight, non-slip, and extremely durable, making them ideal for hot yoga and frequent vinyasa practice. The Yoga Accessories Premium Weight Yoga Mat is our best-selling performance mat and a must-have for any hardcore or professional yogi. This extra thick, high stability mat is very dense, weighing 5 pounds. This is our most comfortable and highest performance, professional-grade non branded / generic yoga mat. The Premium Weight Mat is 100% latex-free, was engineered for maximum support and cushioning for joint protection, and has a slip free textured rigid top -- providing added traction for all of your balancing poses on top of the mat, or under the mat against the floor or carpet. Available in original black, dark blue, or turquoise.

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