YOGA Accessories Trance Printed Yoga Mat

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YOGA Accessories Trance Printed Yoga Mat
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Mandala inspired design
(Thick) 1/4'' deluxe mat, 74'' by 24''
Skidless yoga mat
Extra sticky and eco friendly inks
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Carl Jung, a western psychiatrist, famously viewed the Hinduism and Buddhism ritual of creating and dismantling mandalas as helping to stabilize, integrate, and re-order inner life. Monks spend hours and days building intricate, highly detailed, symmetric, and circular works of art, leave it on display for a couple of days, and then simply sweep it away. A mandala or image similar to a mandala can evoke powerful healing powers and awaken energy and self-awareness The fifth limb (in the 8 limbs of yoga as described in the Yoga Sutras) of yoga is Pratyahara, or sensory transcendence. In yoga we are commonly urged to find a drishti point -- an unmoving object or point in which to direct attention in order to achieve effective meditation. Our trance yoga mat will provide that drishti through the mandala design. Priced wholesale and a Yoga Accessories EXCLUSIVE!

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