YOGA Accessories Unity Printed Yoga Mat

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YOGA Accessories Unity Printed Yoga Mat
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Eastern patterns on light green mat
Extra thick deluxe: ¼"H x 72" L x 24" W
Sticky open-cell mat with eco-approved sticky inks
Phthalate and latex-free mat
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5+ $39.16

Clearly inspired by both mandala and paisley designs in one lucky green yoga mat. In your space, unite the mind, the body, the soul, the spirit, and find oneness for you are essentially the universe and the universe is essentially you. Set your intention and find your center. This is a light green mat with light green and white detail. You will enjoy the added thickness (and your joints will thank you, too!) when you unroll your mat and begin the process you have set aside for yourself. Be yourself and find a mat that will help illustrate your true self.

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