Jo-Sha Yoga Mat Cleaning Wipes - 30 Count

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Jo-Sha Yoga Mat Cleaning Wipes - 30 Count
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All-natural lavender-scented wipes
Re-sealable dispenser
No bleach, alcohol, or toxic chemicals
Use on yoga mats, props and gym equipment
Safe enough for cleaning feet, hands, and face after class

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Keep it clean with Jo-Sha Mat Wipes, now available in a convenient soft plastic container that will fit right in your yoga mat carrier or purse! This eco-friendly and mild cleanser is not only for yoga mats — Jo-Sha wipes also clean yoga props, gear, and other fitness equipment. Safe enough to use on your body, too! Calming lavender aromatherapy (with real essential oil!) will help muscles relax and alleviate worries. The wipes dry and evaporate quickly, leaving your mat naturally sticky and fresh. Keep a pack at home, in the office, and in the car. Includes 30 scented cloth wipes. Easy to open and close with a sticky re-sealable top. Stay hygienic without harming your yoga props with Jo-Sha Cleansers.

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