Yoga Accessories Recovery Tools Kit

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Yoga Accessories Recovery Tools Kit
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Yoga Accessories Recovery Tools Kit includes the perfect selection of massage and muscle recovery tools to improve circulation and improve fascia. Each product offers a unique method of recovery for the body, improving your advancement within your practice/workout routine and assisting in preventing injury as you continue. 

Individual Product Uses:

EVA Massage Foam Roller: Use to knead out your hamstrings and calves, improving fascia and blood circulation. This process also helps sore muscles recover faster.

Adjustable Massage Ball Roller: Adjust to the desired angle for the part of your body that is sore. With gentle pressure, roll out the muscle in the direction towards your heart. 

Steel Ball Massager: In circular motions, gently massage the desired area to increase blood circulation and prevent knots in the fascia.

Educated Elastic Stretch Strap: 14 Different Uses printed on the strap for mindless stretching to keep your flexibility at its peak. Stretching out the muscles and body also improves blood circulation, which aids in muscle recovery and removal of toxins. 

Dual Ball Massager: Deep tissue massager to activate different pressure points around the neck, shoulders, arms, back, glutes, IT bands, legs, and feet. Great for muscle soreness, knots, tension, and muscle relief. Best laid on floor/mat with the point of body contact applied on top of the massager. Fluctuate the amount of weight applied to muscle as needed.  

Massage Ball Set: Equipped with 3 different hardness levels, red (hardest) and yellow (softest), each ball is best used for acupressure and accessing trigger points along the body. Place chosen ball under pressure point and lay body weight on top of the massage ball. Use small rolling movements and penetrating pressure to release tension in the desired area.    


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